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Brandies, Ports & Sherries                    

Spirits 25ml

Gin 25ml

Vodka 25ml

Liqueur 25ml

The Fisherbeck Gin List

                                   ABV                       25mls


Gordon’s                               37.5%                    £3.25

The world’s best selling London Dry Gin. Carefully distilled using a secret recipe.

Best served over ice with tonic and lemon or lime.


Greenall’s              37.5%                    £3.25

A handcrafted London Dry Gin by Britain’s oldest distillers, using a recipe created in 1761.

Makes a fabulous Negroni cocktail or serve with ice, tonic and lemon or lime.


The Lakes Gin       43.7%                    £3.95

Spirits Challenge Silver Award 2015

The only true Cumbrian Gin, produced with water from the River Derwent and a selection of Cumbrian botanicals including bilberry, heather and meadowsweet.

Best served 50mls gin, 50mls tonic, over ice either alone or with grapefruit.


The Lakes Explorer Gin    47.1%                        £4.50

Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition Gold Award 2019

Zesty orange citrus, coriander and cassisa bark followed by hints of earl grey tea and cracked black pepper.


Bedrock       40%                        £3.95

A premium London dry gin enlivened by the vibrancy of botanicals and Lake District oak. An exceptional locally inspired gin.


Bedrock Export        46.1%                        £4.50

An explosion of complex botanical flavours and a celebration of the juniper and citrus elements Bedrock is famous for.


Pinkster                  37.5%                    £4.00

A delicious dry gin with a hint of sweetness made in Warrington using just 5 botanicals and flavoured with raspberries.

Drink alone over ice or with your favourite tonic garnished with red fruits. Try this with hibiscus tonic for the perfect Spring/Summer outdoor tipple or add to Prosecco for a “Rose 75”.


Larios Rose            37.5%                    £3.50

A sweet strawberry flavoured Spanish gin. Perfect for gin beginners who prefer something less dry.

Serve with lemonade, tonic or hibiscus tonic over ice with a red fruit garnish and/or lime.


Langtons of Skiddaw Damson Gin               28%                        £3.25

Made in small batches using Lyth Valley Damsons.

Drink as it comes, over ice or with Prosecco to make a “Westmorland Kir Royale”.



 Schweppes Indian Tonic Water                 £1.50

Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water              £1.50

Fever Tree Premium Tonic Water             £1.90

Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water   £1.90



We often have a choice of most of the following;

Lemon, Lime, Ruby Grapefruit, Pineapple,

Stawberry, Raspberry & Mint.

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