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Welcome to Breakfast at The Fisherbeck. Just relax, let us do the work and our only request is that you turn off your mobile telephone. We have tried to source as much of our produce from local award winning producers so that you can experience a real ‘Cumbrian’ breakfast.

But Cumbria is a relatively new county made up from parts of Lancashire, Cumberland & Westmorland and lying right on the Scottish border, next to Northumberland & Yorkshire. Consequently we have taken a little something from all around us like Lancashire black pudding, excellent pork sausages made from Cumbrian bred pigs and eggs from the Fylde coast which we collect ourselves every week from the farm. The bacon comes from Staveley and our coffee is roasted in Kendal by Farrer’s who have been tea and coffee merchants in the town since 1819. Milk is delivered fresh to our door, every day of the week, in bottles, not cartons, which are always re-cycled.

The Old Smokehouse near Lancaster and Cartmel Valley Game Suppliers, two of the finest smokehouses in the North of England, provide our Natural Smoked Haddock and Smoked Salmon.

Porridge is made in the classic Scottish fashion, completely plain and unsweetened so you can add all the extras to your liking – particularly those sultanas soaked in Malt Whisky.

We make our own granola, muesli, muffins & rum butter and our bread is baked in Staveley at More? The Artisan Bakery.

We also try to make a good supply of our own preserves like marmalade, damson or blackberry & apple jam, so please ask if you would care to try what is available.

But perhaps the best thing about breakfast here is knowing that someone else is doing the washing up!

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