Tops Tips for Lake District Holiday

Lake District is stunning. If you come to Windermere to take a picture in the lake shore, feed the white swan, take a cruise and then off you go with big coach bus to your next city destination, you certainly fail to get the best of the Lake District or probably waste a long journey to the areas with narrow roads. Our personal top two tips for you as how to appreciate the beauty of the Lake District :

1. "Away from the Lakes" -  as seasoned hikers, we get the most stunning and jaw-dropping pictures of the lakes district are usually when we walk away from the lakes - we walk high on the hill ridges or hipp tops;

2. "One trip never enough" - before settling in the Lake District, we walked here for 15 times in 4 years

Which website to use?

There are many websites to use. We highly recommend  as it has everything depending on your interests, whether it is about hiking in the hills, or enjoying the local events

Which APP maps to use?

Our personal experiences for sharing:

1. Viewranger - the best  scenic viewpoints are marked with "flower" in the map

2. Locus

3. Google Map