1.     Parking: we have 18 own parking spaces plus a public parking next door – parking in Ambleside is simply precious.

2.     Hiking routes: we have walking routes in all directions starting from our property (right, left, back and front).

3.     Bus stop: we have bus stops right in front of our hotel.

4.     Bar lounge & beer garden: we have our own bar lounge and beer garden – total relaxation in own home away from home, not just a place to sleep only.

5.     Quiet and convenience: we are 8 minutes walk to the Windermere Lake and  5 minutes walk to the Ambleside village center, tranquil but close to Tesco, bars & restaurants, etc.

6.     Free SPA Pass: we offer free SPA pass to the Salutation Hotel in Ambleside – enjoy goodness without paying extra.

7.     Grand View: we have grand fell view – some guests feel therapy in watching the clouds changing in the far fells.

8.     Breakfast: we spare no costs in delivering 5 star hotel breakfast experiences. One of the top three reasons for guests to return to us is the breakfast.

9.     Tesla Battery Re-charge: we have an electric car power recharge station next door.

10.  Center of the Lakes: Ambleside is almost the center of the Lake District – stay in the east, west, north or the south? – why not choose center.

11.  Guest Care: we are staffed from 7 am in the morning until 11 pm in the evening – we don’t wish to reduce the cost by asking guest to do “self-service”.

12.  Value for money: many guests feel that we are priced at similar level as that of many small bed and breakfast in the village, but we offer more such as bar lounge, long hour staff attending, grand fell views, plenty of parking etc.